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Multiple sclerosis quality of life project
Our Stories

My life the past year and a half would have been much more difficult than it already is were it not for the Central Coast Quality of Life Project and its great team. They have not only helped connect me with resources I would otherwise not have known about, but have really been there to ease my stress levels when I had questions or was frustrated with so many things. At the beginning of 2013 when my legs became too weak to even use a walker they even found a loaner wheelchair for me which I used for over a year while trying to get my own. They also helped me with that process. I let people know about CCQLP whenever I see their need. I really can't imagine what I would have done without them! Thanks so much. Elaine (Carmel)

My wife and I live in Watsonville, but we travel Monterey for the programs and/or events hosted by CCQLP. The emotional support I've received from CCQLP staff and these meetings has been fantastic! 

I had attended the monthly self-help group meetings funded by another MS organization in Santa Cruz in mid-county from the early 1980's. All too often a few vocal attendees who had become angry about their medical situations dominated these meetings. Causing quite a few of us to stop attending.

Only when I saw a flyer about a Walk and Roll fundraiser in Monterey, a few years ago, which I attended with my wife did we make contact with CCQLP. This initial contact with Andrea Dowdall has improved my life even as my physical and mental abilities are diminishing. And as good as CCQLP is for me, the new caregiver support program has been as good for my wife, Lois. We both look forward to participating in CCQLP events and meetings! Norm (Watsonville)

Thank you again and again! CCQLP is an angel in my life! Carrie (Marina)

I went through a very traumatic period. But, CCQLP kept me informed and hopeful. I felt reassured everything would get better! Robert (Monterey)

I called to see if someone could help create a path from my back gate down to the dirt road so I could walk with my husband and dog out back behind our property. CCQLP contacted a church group, “Young Enough to Help”, and they sent 2 gentlemen to my house. They came and hoed, raked, and made a path wide enough for me to get my walker down to the dirt road access the back property.   – Elisa (Santa Cruz)

With help from the team at CCQLP, it is amazing how much I was able to accomplish in my time of need!
Samantha (Watsonville)

CCQLP has an active role for MS people. There are several programs and events that I enjoy both going to and doing with CCQLP. One of those programs is the monthly support group meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity to spend time with people like me and we share what it is like to be individuals living with MS. 

People living with MS have both up and down days. At those monthly meetings we get a chance to share our ups and downs to a group of people that know exactly what it means. We all experience these up and down days. It’s at nice to meet at public places where we can talk and enjoy each other’s company. Usually even lunch is provided.  What more could we ask for!!

It’s nice to see that CCQLP keeps us up-to-date on all the upcoming local events. It does give a person with MS a chance to think about some potential volunteer opportunities. Whether it is with the set up or just saying hello to other individuals, it all is fun to be involved in. CCQLP has an annual event called Walk ‘n Roll in Monterey. There you can bid on various raffle items and enjoy a free lunch, all in the name of raising some money for CCQLP’s programs. It is a lot of fun to be active with/for such a positive organization too!Kent (Santa Cruz)

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