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Multiple sclerosis quality of life project
About Us continued ...

Board of Directors

Gene Harter, President
Richard Howell, Treasurer
Marilyn Howell LMFT, Secretary
Howard Cohen
Bryan Magana Patigian, MA
Kent Newbold
Valentia Valentine
Mary Jane Vonnegut


Elizabeth Andrade, LMFT
Alejandro Centurion, MD
Ronald Grubman, JD
Christine Gustafson
Jean Hontalas, MA, PT



Helen Zilinskas, MPH Executive Director
Maria Martinez, BA Program Coordinator

*Each year our staff supervises 2-3 undergraduate interns from California State University Monterey Bay who join our case management team and support client services.


Ronald Grubman, JD
Gene Harter
Gerard Lehrer, MD
Lotte Marcus, PhD
Cynthia Nelson

CCQLP was founded in 2000 through the efforts of clinical psychologist Lotte Marcus, PhD, and neurologist Gerard Lehrer, MD, who shared a long interest in MS. They had witnessed neglect, discontinuity of services and suffering in their patients, and determined to find a better way to unify care of clients with MS. They were joined by persons with MS and family members of persons with MS to form the original CCQLP board.

In 2002, MSQLP conducted a needs assessment based on extensive interviews with 85 persons with MS and 25 caregivers to determine the most critical needs of the local MS population. This assessment was funded by several private donors and was conducted and analyzed by Joy Smith, RN, oncology educator at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. The analysis indicated a great need for a Case Management system that would help clients navigate the medical and social service systems in our tri-county area of California.

We meet clients in their homes, conduct an assessment and, with their assistance, establish a treatment plan that identifies goals and objectives that, if met, will improve the client's quality of life.

Recent newsletters and the About Us page have numbers showing how our service level has grown, and how much we rely on your continuing support as our programs continue to grow.

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